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Vitrag Solar

“ENERGY for Better Tomorrow”

At Vitrag, we recognise that our country is ideal for utilising rooftop solar electricity. The hot, bright sun available nearly through the year, is just waiting to be used by us. And we bring to your rooftop solar electricity system that does just that.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Why Go For Solar
100% Clean Energy
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Solar energy is absolutely environment friendly energy
Renewable Source
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Solar energy comes from unlimited sustainable source
Low Maintenance
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Not having rotating parts hence low maintenance system
Easy Installation
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It takes less time to system installation
Can Be Used in Remote Locations
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It can be use where ever effective sunlight available
Long Life Span
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Solar panel is having 25 year performance life
Saves Your Money
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Solar power offers huge saving and short time payback period
Reduce Global Warming
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It does not spread any pollution
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We offer Homes/Societies to get electricity by Sun’s energy and also enjoy subsidy by respective governments.

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We offer Commercial buildings to save against high terrif rates using Sun energy and get fruitful return on Investment.

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We offer Industries to power their factories using solar power and reduce their operational cost.

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We help Profitable / Non-profitable institutions to Solar power plants for the betterment of society while saving huge on electricity bills and enjoying subsidy Provided by Government.

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